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VIRUS World Tour 2020

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Our Virus International Team is headed to London on January, 24th to kick off our #VIRUSWORLDTOUR. We hit the stage for our first act in the heart of London at the CrossFit Games sanctioned Strength in Depth competition.

During our #VIRUSWORLDTOUR we will be showcasing bold new designs in our active pants, all new outwear jackets and a complete refresh on our women’s compression pants

Stop and snap a picture at any of our acts and use the hashtag #VIRUSWORLDTOUR for a chance to win a limited edition Virus Event Tee and receive a limited edition #VIRUSWORLDTOUR backstage pass lanyard.





Athlete | David Shorunke

 The first stop of the VIRUS World Tour was the CrossFit® SiD Strength in Depth Sanctionals ™ Jan 24-26, 2020 London UK.  The tour kicked off as the fittest on earth made their way to this sold out event to battle for a qualifying spot at the 2020 Games in Madison.

This epic contest saw a wide array of physical challenges. This live streamed event followed athletes on the Thames River as they rowed, following the competitors in a foot race around London and inside the arena for the jam packed strength competitions. One of the hottest and most contentious battles was between American champion Mat Fraser and UK’s David Shorunke challenger for the elite’s division fittest man. Fraser and Shorunk battled all the the way through the final event in front of a fired up and wildly cheering crowd.

David took second in the division but punched his ticket to the Games as Mat already had his. See you in Madison!

Thank you to an amazing event! To the athletes, organizers and sponsors. What a way to kick off the tour.

Next Stop Wodapalooza and to our spiritual homeland of Miami.


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