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V20 3/4 Tech Pants

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Racer 3/4 Length Stay Cool Compression Tech Pants
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Unlock your potential with Virus ¾ compression fit pants You’re always looking for that extra edge in training, that x-factor that will keep you one step ahead of your competitors. Virus ¾ compression fit pants deliver a wide range of benefits for athletes of all sports. So whether you’re dominating your WOD, setting new PRs in lifting, or putting together unstoppable BJJ attacks, you found your new secret for increased performance. Virus ¾ compression fit pants are an essential item to raising your athletic potential. They are engineered with super stretchy fabric that hugs your legs like a second skin and produces extra pressure by compressing that region. Numerous studies show that compression fit can have a positive effect on injury prevention. Our compression fit gear also features Bioceramic fabric that increases oxygen flow so you’ll be less sore after your workout. From performance to injury prevention, Virus ¾ compression fit pants are a must-have for your athletic wardrobe. No more wasted movements with ¾ compression fit pants Make every movement matter. An essential part of unlocking your athletic potential is being efficient with every move. Efficiency is also key to improving your endurance, letting you run longer distances or drill round after after on the mat without taking a break. Studies show that compression fit pants improve perceived exertion among athletes, which leads to a more effortless workout. So not only will you be able to increase your load, you’ll also be able to get in more reps on your way to becoming the best you. ¾ compression pants are the ultimate experience in comfort Comfort is essential for all athletes. You want your gear to work with you, not against you. Virus ¾ compression fit pants deliver a second skin feel, leading to less chafing and friction. The hardly-there feeling makes it perfect as your go-to base layer. The compression layer also delivers extra support, locking in your muscles so they’re always active and ready for explosive movements. Our ¾ compression fit pants give you a full range of motion on your workouts, and they won’t ride up your leg during long-distance runs or strenuous leg days. Simply put, Virus compression fit pants are just plain comfortable. They are also engineered from moisture-wicking fabric, keeping you cool and dry from your first to last exercise. So whether you’re competing in a powerlifting competition or going round after round on the mats, you’ll stay comfortable the entire way. Be more dynamic with Virus ¾ compression fit pants Safely develop your dynamic movements. Our ¾ compression fit pants can help support your explosive moves so you can blow past your competition. Compression fit keeps your leg and core muscles active so you can generate more power with less effort. Are you trying to shave an extra second off your timed runs? Looking for that small edge the next time you step on the mats? Compression fit could make the difference as you go further than you ever thought possible. Train longer in ¾ compression fit pants We all know that feeling of next-day soreness. The worst part is that it keeps you away from pursuing your passion as you take time off to recover. Virus ¾ compression fit pants increase oxygen flow which helps reduce muscle soreness, so you can stay in the gym day after day. It’s essential for all athletes to maintain a safe, active, injury-free lifestyle. After all, what good is all of our focus and dedication if we’re on the sidelines? Studies show that compression fit can lower the risk of muscle strains, so you can keep pushing yourself without worry. And even if you’re not engaging in intense training, Virus ¾ compression fit pants can also help prevent small, niggling strains so we can stay active in our everyday lives. Recover faster, stay injury-free with Bioceramic fabric Get the most out of your workouts with Virus ¾ compression fit pants. They’re engineered with Bioceramic fabric that improves circulation, repairs tissues, and increases immunity. Oxygen is your fuel for performing at your very best. While increased oxygen and blood flow can aid in short bursts of activity, you’ll also feel the positive effects of more oxygen and blood flow long after your resistance workout is complete. Those extra reps at the end of your session while you finish each workout strong separate you from your competition. Bioceramic fabric also helps you recover faster, so you can put all of your focus on daily improvement. CoolJade fabric delivers cool comfort Stay cool and comfortable all summer long. Virus ¾ compression fit pants feature CoolJade fabric that wicks moisture away from your skin, keeping you dry and focused no matter what’s ahead. CoolJade fabric can also decrease your skin temperature up to 10℉, so you can maintain your intensity as your peers tap out to the elements.


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