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    VIRUS has an impressive range of men's shorts to choose from. Whether you're hitting the track and need a pair of men’s running shorts, lifting weights in the gym and need men’s gym shorts, or going off-road biking and need men’s compression shorts, we have something for all athletes here. Our men's shorts have been carefully developed with superior fabric technologies for optimal performance and comfort during even the toughest training sessions. Quick Dry functionality wicks away moisture quickly so you can keep cool on hot summer days, while anti-odor technology prevents bacteria from forming and helps maintain freshness. We also prioritise durability through high quality construction, making our men's shorts built for long-term use. When you buy men’s shorts with VIRUS you can be sure that each item is designed with innovation and performance in mind - elevating your training regime today! Upgrade your game - shop men’s shorts with VIRUS today.

    Why choose men’s shorts from VIRUS?

    For those who are serious about their fitness needs, VIRUS has you covered when it comes to men's activewear and men’s athletic shorts. Our shorts for men offer the perfect fit and excellent range of motion in fabric designed to wick away sweat and moisture during even the most rigorous of workouts. They come in a variety of materials from lightweight stretch fabrics with superior breathability to our advanced woven fabrics for added comfort and support, giving every wearer the confidence that comes from knowing their activewear is made to perform as hard as they do. There's no need to be afraid of overheating when wearing a pair of our shorts - each style includes special mesh-vented legs or gusseted construction that allow airflow throughout while still maintaining total coverage. Whether you choose one of our flashier patterns or prefer to keep it low key with basics, any man can find his fit within the VIRUS collection.

    How to choose the right pair of active men’s shorts

    Selecting the right pair of shorts for you can be a daunting task, but with VIRUS' collection of men's shorts, it doesn't have to be. With a variety of styles and cuts that vary from ultra-loose fit bamboo cargo shorts complete with numerous pockets to stylish stretch poplin shorts perfect for dressier occasions, VIRUS offers something for everyone.

    The key when deciding on the best style of short is choosing one that compliments your body type and wardrobe purposes. For an athletic physique (or if you're looking to show off those gains!), check out the range of slim cut shorts that emphasize your curves and give your legs plenty of space to move. For those wishing to appear taller or to elongate their figure, try opting for longer lengths or drawstring waistbands which create a sleek line that flatters the shape and falls just above the knee.

    When it comes down to it, finding the ideal pair of men's shorts from VIRUS' collection boils down to personal preference and lifestyle need. With so many standouts from which to choose from featuring unique prints, patterns, colors and fits there's sure to be something in stock that matches what you had in mind!

    Working out in shorts vs. joggers

    Working out in shorts can be drastically different than working out while wearing longer pants or leggings. Without the added coverage and support of a long pant leg, there is more opportunity for air to pass with ease. This results in a much cooler environment as air circulates around your legs and evaporates sweat naturally, meaning no more leg-in-the-urine vibes during intense exercise sessions. Additionally, VIRUS' collection of men's shorts come with the comfort you need to move freely and uninterruptedly. Many of these shorts come with built-in stretch panels that help give extra flexibility and range of motion when training. Whether you are running sprints on the track or mastering plyometric exercises in the gym, flex is key for any powerful workout performance. With VIRUS' collection of men's shorts designed for ultimate comfort, convenience, durability and breathability all at affordable prices, it's clear why they should be at the top of your list when deciding which style to choose for your next active wear session. Try out our men’s workout shorts or men’s jogger shorts for the greatest run or time in the gym.

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    At VIRUS, we understand that every man needs a pair of shorts that provides comfort and style for any occasion. Whether you are heading off to the gym for a morning workout or simply going out for errands with the family, our selection of men's shorts has something for everyone. With styles ranging from sporty and athletic to classic and dressy, we have all the versatility that men need in their day-to-day lives. Our popular collection of lightweight performance fabrics will wick sweat away from your skin as you move and remain comfortable during any activity. We even offer adjustable waistbands and other features to ensure an ideal fit without compromising on style. Shop at VIRUS today and find the perfect pair of men’s shorts to fit your needs perfectly!

    Service and delivery

    Great delivery options are at the heart of excellent customer service and VIRUS is no exception. When you shop with us, you can trust that your package will get to you quickly and safely thanks to our careful selection of delivery providers. Our hand-picked delivery team works hard to provide an easy and hassle free experience for customers from all around the world. Not only do we use reliable global shippers, but we also have tiered shipping services to suit different budgets, so you can pick the one that best fits your needs and preferences. Furthermore, all orders over a certain amount come with free delivery - another way we make sure our customers are getting their money's worth! After placing your order, our tracking system will keep you updated throughout the whole process so that you always know exactly where your package is. This quick response can help ease any anxieties that may arise, giving peace of mind throughout the entire purchase experience. At VIRUS, we understand how important it is to have great customer service when it comes to e-commerce - that’s why delivering on time is key for us!