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Virus Bioceramic™

Recovery with a boost. Rejuvenating vital cellular flow by increasing body temperature and blood circulation. Increases muscular endurance and promotes recovery during and after exercise.

VIRUS Bioceramic™

Recovery with a boost.
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Active Recovery

Bioceramic material does its job well. They look and feel fantastic. Ordering another pair.

Loui K.

I have three pairs of bioceramic compression. They are great for during and post training.

Eric T.

Virus CoolJade™

Cool to the touch, jade activates when mixed with moisture and air instantly reducing elevated skin surface temperatures. Refreshing. Quick-drying. Long lasting and comfortable for every movement.

Virus CoolJade™

See the fabric everyone is talking about.
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Cool in every sense

Stay cool and fresh with perfect compression and comfort.

Zack N.

The most comfortable products I own and help me stay cool throughout long workouts.

Emmy A.

Virus Magmatic Thermal

Stay Warm, dry, and comfortable. Virus Magmatic Thermal actively increases skin surface temperature with porous volcanic rock nano infused into an ultra technical, recycled, and heat retaining fabric.

VIRUS Magmatic Thermal

Fabric that fights the elements so you don’t have to.
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Virus EcoCloud™ Fabric

Made with recycled water bottles, this blend of eco-friendly fibers creates a technical, ultra-soft, 4-way stretch fabric. Make eco-thread your favorite fabric for training, relaxing, or everyday activity.

Virus EcoCloud™ Fabric

Made with recycled water bottles.


 I like the eco thread material, it’s very breathable and perfect for indoor and outdoor workouts.

Ernesto M.

The eco thread fabric that is part of my regular rotation.

Nathan E.