Origin 7" Shorts

Moisture-wicking shorts made to keep you comfortable throughout the day

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Color: Navy/Silver
Size: S
Color: Navy/Silver
Material: 90% polyester 10% spandex

Origin 7" Shorts

These Evo shorts take design cues from our athletes to be both fly and functional. The stretchy design gives you space for deep squats and dynamic movement. Lockdown the fit with a drawcord on the waist, and stash your keys and phone in the pockets when you're done training.

Benefits for You

Multisport Versatility

Pursue your passion, no matter the sport. From dynamic movements to endurance training, our performance wear is engineered to stay out of the way so you can build the best you.

Athlete Tested

Designed for the competitive journey. Virus gear is battle-tested at the highest levels of competition so you can count on it to hold up to the most rigorous conditions.

Durable Design

When the going gets tough, Virus will be there every step of the way. Each piece is built from durable fabric that maintains its shape under pressure and is as tough as you are.

AirFlex Fabric

Virus® AirFlex fabric was engineered with ultra lightweight, 4-way stretch, quick-dry performance polyester, tested to withstand the most rigorous conditions. Athlete tested, athlete proven.

Our AirFlex fabric is made with high grade lightweight polyester that's soft, comfortable, and perfect for any athletic pursuit. AirFlex is 4-way stretch, allowing for maximum freedom of movement during any activity, while also being quick-dry to keep you feeling fresh and dry. This fabric is the perfect choice for anyone looking for the ultimate combination of free flowing performance and comfort.

Why Virus?

Free Shipping

It’s on us! Hit our shipping minimum for free domestic or international shipping. Complete your purchase and we’ll handle the rest.

Direct Pricing

You get what you pay for. At Virus, we only use premium materials so our prices reflect the inherent quality and build of every product.

Ethical Materials

Make an impact. Our apparel is engineered with technical recycled fabrics so you’re getting the premium quality you expect from Virus.

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